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Who we are, how we got started, and where you can find us

How We Got Started

We started the Royal Barbershop in early 2019 because we were seeing a lack of high-quality, affordable men’s barbershops in metro west Boston. People either had to drive all the way into the city, or all the way out into the sticks for a great haircut.

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Founded in March 2019

A community focused small business in the heart of Newton.

Owner Tiago Silva founded The Royal Barbershop in March 2019, seeing an opportunity to bring affordable, top-quality haircuts to Needham. When he finally found the space the shop now occupies, he knew it was perfect. It was large enough to accommodate his goals for growing the shop, centrally located, had plenty of parking nearby, and was clean, comfortable, and modern.

It’s Tiago’s first business venture, and he is focused on growing the business while not compromising on the quality of service.


We Also Sell Hair Product!

Three different options to keep your hair looking good after you go home.

Texture Paste

The go-to for hold, texture, and control. Matte finish provides excellent definition.

Grooming Clay

Our most versatile hair product. Great for texture, thickening, and ultimate control.

Deluxe Pomade

Our strongest-hold to get the shape and style you want, with a classic, glossy finish.

Defining Cream

Great for adding textured control to all hair types, allowing you to shape and restyle at will.

Comfortable Shop

Our shop is clean, comfortable, and welcoming, with a large parking lot and easy access right to the front door.

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to delivering the best haircuts we can to our customers, by working with you to understand your style, needs, and goals.

Fun & Friendly Service

Getting your haircut is fun! We are a welcoming team that makes sure you're enjoying your barber experience.

Best Pricing

We keep our pricing as low as we can, while making sure we're not cutting corners on the quality of our service.

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